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The psychiatry centers of Ibn-e-Sina and Dr. Hejazi hospitals have been active for more than 60 years as the most important healthcare and research centers of psychiatry in the east and northeast of Iran. In these hospitals, physicians and healthcare teams endeavor to provide the necessary medical facilities for the recovery of the patients. Moreover, many benefactors are involved in the process of care for psychiatric patients at these centers.

Despite differences in many factors, the common characteristics of patients with psychiatric disorders is the alteration of their social behaviors and disruption of their interpersonal relations, which directly influence the patients' family members, as well as the society. Negative responses to these disorders leads to the social isolation of psychiatric patients and their families. Undoubtedly, returning of these individuals to normal social life requires proper treatment environments, which enable patients to retrieve their social role despite their disease through education and training.

This is the highest mission of psychiatric hospitals. Development and promotion of these care centers through education, research and health care not only advances the science of psychiatry in the country, but it also provides the facilities needed for social rehabilitation for the patients.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the unlimited financial and spiritual support of all the benefactors in performing this substantial task, wishing them health and success throughout their life.  


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